Pinterest is a treasure trove of end of the year ideas, but who has time to find them all? No need to overwhelm yourself - I've plumbed the depths and come up with 17 of my favorite ways to end the year with upper elementary students. Enjoy!

My Favorite End of the Year Ideas From Pinterest

end of the year ideas for upper elementary (3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade) from Pinterest

I love Pinterest, but sometimes it can get overwhelming searching for ideas that actually pertain to you.  Below, I've collected some of my favorite ideas for celebrating the end of the year with 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students.  Hopefully some of them will help you out!

"Places We Can Read This Summer" Anchor Chart

What a great way to encourage your students to read during the summer!  Create an anchor chart together, having your third, fourth, or fifth graders come up with fun places that they can read.  This would be a great, no prep activity the last week of school.

A-Z End of Year Activity

This was one of my favorite low prep activities to do at the end of the school year.  Have students reflect on the school year by coming up with something they have learned for each letter of the alphabet!  I always had students start this activity with a partner, and then we would come together whole class and share our answers.

End of the Year Student Gift - Journals With a Note

I love this simple idea!  Give each upper elementary student a journal that they can write in during the summer as an end of year gift.  On the first page of each journal, write a sweet note to that student.

You could even help jump start their journal writing with one of these end of year writing prompts and activities. 

Class Vote on the Best Books of the Year

I usually didn't have time for a new bulletin board at the end of the year, but I still think this is a fun, valuable activity!  Have 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students vote on the best books of the year - their favorite chapter book, nonfiction book, picture book, poem, funniest book, the best illustrated book, etc.

This would be a fun way to reflect on what all you read during the year.  If you don't want to do a bulletin board, you could display the results in a simpler way for students to see.

Need some book ideas for next school year?  These books make a great addition to any upper elementary classroom!

End of Year Gift - Science Kit

This is another gift idea that would encourage students to keep learning during the summer.  Give your 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade students a small kit with a variety of objects in it.  Include instructions on how they can experiment with those objects or use them to build something.

Check out these other end of year gift ideas for upper elementary students.  

Cheering on the 5th Graders

What a fun (and free) way to celebrate the 5th grade students at your school before they move on to middle school!  Let the 5th graders walk the hallways one last time while the whole school cheers them on.  You could have your students create their own signs to celebrate the 5th graders and promote kindness in the classroom. 

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

If you click on this pin and read the blog post that goes along with this activity, you'll see that it was created to "erase meanness" and not as an activity during the last days of school.  However, the end of the year is a great time to have students reflect on their behavior and think about how they should act based on how they want to be remembered.

9 Low Prep Activities for the End of the Year

These 9 low prep activities are ideas I used in my own 3rd grade classroom to keep students learning while still celebrating the end of the year.  It includes things like reflection questions, a visit to next year's classroom, an end of year letter to next year's class, and more.

Parent Packets/Ideas for Summer

Invite parents to come before the last day of school and create their own packet with ideas for keeping their child engaged and learning during the summer!

You could make copies of recommended reading, math game ideas, a note from you, writing prompts, and other resources you think might be helpful.  This Summer Packet is a fun, no prep packet to send home with your students this summer.

#BestYearEver Bulletin Board

This would be a fun and relatively easy end of year bulletin board.  Have students come up with their own hashtag for the end of the year.  I would probably encourage students to create a hashtag based on a memory or something they had learned during the school year.

Even if you don't create a bulletin board, this would be a fun activity for students to complete and share with the class.

Balloon Countdown

End of Year Countdowns can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work.  Check out these End of School Year Countdown Ideas for an idea that will work for your classroom.

Beach Ball Fun

I like this as a simple, fun activity for the last days of school.  Write some questions, ice breakers, silly activities, and more on a blown up beach ball.  Have students catch the ball.  Students have to answer the question or complete the activity that their thumb lands on.

Graduation/Walk the Red Carpet

What a great way to make each student feel special!  On the last day of school, lay out some red butcher paper and have each student "walk the red carpet" while the rest of the class cheers.  Or, have a class graduation ceremony where each student gets a diploma.

This makes for a meaningful end of year party. 

STEM Activity

The last week of school is a great time to have students complete some STEM activities.  The blog post with this pin has a variety of different, practical, free ideas for fun STEM activities.

Hang Some Streamers

Although this pin is geared towards a parent celebrating the end of the year with their own children, hanging streamers in the doorway would be a fun and easy way to celebrate at school!

End of the Year Student Gift - Digital Scrapbook

If you've been taking pictures throughout the school year, create a collection of pictures on a DVD and make a copy for each student!  Or if you are tech savvy, make a slideshow or movie presentation with the pictures and make copies of that.  What a great end of year gift!

Check out these other end of year student gift ideas.  

Have Students Help Clean

This pin is a great reminder that students can really help you save time at the end of the year by helping you clean and organize.  Plus, upper elementary students love having classroom jobs!

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