These free sub plans can be used repeatedly in case of an emergency or sick day

Free Emergency Sub Plans for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students

These free sub plans can be used repeatedly in case of an emergency or sick day

Sometime this school year, you'll get sick. Or your kids will get sick. Or you'll have a family emergency.

You'll need to take a sick day - and then you'll need to make sub plans, and copies, and instructions, and all those things that you will not have time for.

Emergencies pop up.  And when this happens, teachers usually don't have the time to create sub plans and make copies.  Having sub plans prepared ahead of time for these last minute emergencies can make your life so much less stressful.

Free Sub Plans That Can Be Used Over and Over

Most sub plans are one and done.  You spend time making plans and making copies, and then an emergency pops up and your back up plans are gone.  Then you have to create some MORE emergency plans.

These reusable plans solve this annoying problem for you.  They are designed to be used with any fiction book - which means you can use them over and over again, as long as provide different fiction books to go along with the plans!

All you have to do is make several class sets of copies of the free sub plans, find some fiction books that your students would enjoy, and you are ready for several emergencies!

One caveat, however - using these plans over and over during an extended leave will be too much of a good thing.  Students will become disengaged and bored if they are completely the same activities day after day.

For the occasional emergency or sick day spread throughout the school year, however, these plans are perfect!


Make copies, find a fiction book, and you'll be ready for any emergency that comes your way!

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