Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart example

Text Feature Anchor Charts

Below are 6 different examples of text feature anchor charts you could use in your classroom. Choose the best anchor chart based on the needs of your students.

Examples of Text Feature Anchor Charts

This type of scavenger hunt would be great for students just being introduced to text features. It gives the name of the text feature, explains the purpose, and gives a real world example of the text feature using cut outs from an old magazine. (For more ideas on how to use old magazines while teaching text features, check out my Text Features: Writing Integration Post!) This anchor chart would be very helpful for students that are unfamiliar with the different types of text features and need a visual reference.

This text feature anchor chart uses a real world example from an old magazine page. It points out text features from the magazine page, as well as their purpose. Create this with your students or have groups of students make their own for a fun cooperative learning activity. See my Text Feature Scavenger Hunts post for more details.

This anchor chart explains the purpose of different text features. Use this anchor chart if your students are already familiar with identifying the different types of text features and need more practice with how text features help the reader.

Have students help you come up with text feature purposes as you create the anchor chart. My free text features slideshow or text feature charts would be a good introduction for students when creating this anchor chart.

This text feature anchor chart simply explains the purpose of nonfiction text features, and then lists examples of text features. As you read different nonfiction books and articles, have students find text features and add to the anchor chart.

This anchor chart will only be beneficial to students if they are already know what the different text features look like.

This text feature anchor chart give real world examples of the different types of text features. Have students create this themselves using old magazines and newspapers. See my Text Feature Scavenger Hunts post for more information and for a FREE scavenger hunt printable.

Another anchor chart option is to hang posters of important text features and their purpose around your room so that students can reference them all year long. My Text Feature Posters Resource contains posters of 18 different text features, gives an example of the text feature, and explains the purpose of the text feature. These make great student references!

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