Free Text Features Chart

Text Features Chart - tells the name, purpose, and gives an example of 18 different text features!

There are so many different types of text features – Titles, headings, labels, diagrams, bullet points, bold text…the list could go on forever! To help students keep track of the different types of text features, use the free text features chart pictured below!

Using the Text Features Chart

This free text features chart is a great reference for students because it:
1. Tells the name of the text feature
2. Tells the purpose of the text feature
3. Gives an example of the text feature

You can use this text features chart in a variety of ways – post it up in the room so students can use it as a reference, or have the students glue it in their interactive notebooks. You could also use this chart to have your students go on a “text feature hunt.” Give students a nonfiction book, and see how many text features they can find! (Click here for for more text feature lesson ideas, including a free printable!)