Free Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary - math and literacy activities that can be used around the holidays for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.

Free Christmas Activities

Check out these free Christmas activities – a fun way to celebrate the holidays while still learning!

These free resources have been created by a variety of teachers, not just me!

Free Christmas Activities for Upper Elementary - math and literacy activities that can be used around the holidays for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.

Free Christmas Activities: Math

Snowman Fraction Scene Freebie
Integrate art with fractions. Students create a snowman by following instructions that require an understanding of fractions.

12 Days of Christmas Word Problems
Students answer word problems using the information from the “12 Days of Christmas Song!”

Christmas Shopping Budget
Students imagine they have $100 to spend. Provide students with shopping ads so that they can decide how to spend it!

Christmas Multiplication Coloring Sheet
Students color in a design by solving multiplication problems.

Christmas Logic Puzzle
Students complete a holiday themed logic puzzle. They have to figure out what person wore what ugly holiday sweater.

Free Christmas Activities: Literacy

Christmas in the United States Close Reading
3 reading passages (the same passage on 3 different levels to help you differentiate) on Christmas in the United States, and questions to help you assess student comprehension.

Christmas Writing Prompts
16 Christmas/holiday themed writing prompts to help get your upper elementary students’ creative juices flowing.

Christmas Themed Writing Paper
3 different Christmas themed writing papers. You could use these pages with the writing prompts above.

Christmas Simile and Metaphor Task Cards
32 task cards with holiday statements. Students must determine whether the statement on the task card includes a simile or a metaphor.

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa Summarizing Task Cards
20 task cards with holiday themed task cards that students must summarize using 12 words or less.

Holiday Following Directions Puzzle
Students must follow written instructions to solve the holiday word puzzle.

Reader’s Theater
A holiday Reader’s Theater that can be adapted for your entire class.

Christmas Idioms
Students read a Christmas poem that contains many idioms. Students must identify the idioms and figure out the meaning.

Free Christmas Activities: Just for Fun

Christmas Party Bag Exchange
An easy class party idea and the handouts to go a long with it. Each student creates a bag and fills it with different types of snacks. Then, students play a game where they end up exchanging their holiday bags with each other.

Christmas Charades
Students are divided into teams and play charades using Christmas songs.

Christmas Tree Craft
A fun craft. Students create a standing, 3-D Christmas tree.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions
Christmas – themed “Would You Rather” Questions to get kids talking and thinking.

Kindness with Santa’s Beard
A Christmas activity that encourages kindness! Santa’s beard has 12 acts of kindness. Students complete one act of kindness each day and trim Santa’s beard after completing.

Christmas Kindness Calendar
A Christmas calendar for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Each day has a random act of kindness idea for students to complete.

Christmas Ornament
A template to help students create an octahedron Christmas ornament. A glyph activity is included.

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