Questions and Activity Ideas for teaching the read aloud A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School

A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School Read Aloud Activities

questions and activity ideas for your 3rd, 4th , and 5th grade lesson plans for the read aloud Enemy Pie

A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School is a sweet story that helps 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classrooms reflect on and celebrate the school year. This rhyming book from the teacher's perspective reminds students of what all they accomplished during the school year, lets them know they will be missed, and offers encouragement for the upcoming school year.

Below, find questions and activity ideas to use in your upper elementary grade lesson plans when reading A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School. 

Summary of the Read Aloud A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School

The title describes this book very accurately - it is a letter written from a teacher's point of view for the end of the school year. The teacher reflects on memories from the school year, reminding students about what they learned, fun things they did, and how they persevered. Then, the letter encourages students to look forward to the upcoming school year.
A Letter From Your Teacher: On the Last Day of School
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Before, During, and After Reading Questions

Use these questions while reading A Letter from Your Teacher on the Last Day of School to your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students.  Or, check out these before, during, and after questions that you can use with ANY book.  

Before Reading Questions

  • What do you think will be included in this letter from your teacher?
  • What do the title and illustrations tell us about the setting of the story?
  • What questions do you have about this book?

During Reading Questions

  • What does this remind you of?
  • How is our class similar to the class in the book? How is it different?
  • What do you think about the author's statement: "Days weren't always perfect. Some work was even tough." Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

After Reading Questions

  • What are your favorite memories from this past school year?
  • What are you most nervous about for next year?
  • What do you think I should include in a letter to you?

Activity Ideas to Use In Your Letter From Your Teacher Lesson Plans

Write a Letter

After hearing a letter about the school year from the teacher's point of view, have students write a letter from their point of view! This is a fun way to reflect on the school year while also practicing writing skills.

This No Prep End of Year Letter is a no prep way to help students write a meaningful letter reflecting on the school year. The letter is for your students NEXT year, giving students an exciting purpose for writing. The scaffolded resource walks students through the writing process and helps them organize their letter.

Share Memories in an Autograph Book

Autograph books are a great way to commemorate the school year. But instead of simply signing names, encourage your students to share meaningful memories with each other with this Autograph Book; it includes sentence starters that require students to reflect on the school year and write more meaningful ideas.

Tour Next Year's Class

In the letter, the teacher tells students, "As you start a brand new grade, I have no doubt you'll be a star." The idea of a new classroom and a new teacher can be overwhelming and anxiety-producing. Ease some of your students' fears by pairing up with a teacher in the grade level above you and touring their classroom!

Use this resource for a no prep way to engage your students in a tour of next year's classroom. It includes interview questions and activities that guide them around the new room.

End of Year Countdown

End of year countdowns are a fun way to celebrate the year, and they are easily adaptable to your personal classroom situation and how much time you have to invest in a memorable experience. Check out these 7 End of Year Countdown Ideas.

You might also like some of these other end of year ideas. 

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