Teacher Reflection and Goal Setting


Welcome to the last day of the Reflect and Goal Set Your Way to a Better Year Challenge.

If you have my Teacher Reflection and Goal Setting Resource, we are going to be completing the "Taking Action" section today.  If you don't have it, no worries! You can complete everything with just pencil and paper.

Today’s Challenge (Friday, August 16th)


You will need the goals you created yesterday in order to complete today's challenge - go ahead and grab them!

  1. Choose one goal.  Write it down at the top of a page.  Then, do a brain dump.  Write down all the things you can think of that you will need to do in order to accomplish this goal successfully.
  2. Now, organize that brain dump.  Make a list of the first 5 things you need to do in order accomplish this goal.  If you need to add things to your calendar or planner to make sure you remember to complete the things on your list, do that NOW.
  3. Repeat this process for all of your goals.
  4. Get started on accomplishing your goals for next school year!



Today you will finally set some goals for the upcoming year!

  1. Look back on all the work you've done for the previous challenges.  Remind yourself what really weighed you down and stressed you out.  Look at the list of changes you made yesterday, thinking about how easy/difficult the changes would be to implement and what changes might have the biggest impact. Think about how you could turn these into goals.
  2. Make a list of about 14 goals you would like to have for the next school year.  This is not your final list - we're going to be filtering this list down to 6 or less.  If appropriate, you can group changes together to create a more big picture goal.  For example, if you want to change up your dismissal procedures and your classroom library procedures, you could  group those together and create a goal about creating procedures that create a calm and organized classroom environment.
  3. For each of the goals you wrote down, ask yourself the questions below.  As you consider these questions, try to eliminate some of your goals.

    Will this make my life easier?

    Will these be easy to maintain?

    How beneficial will this be to students or their families?

    How will this benefit me?

    What sort of strain will this place on my life?

    How time consuming is this?

    Can I get a parent or student to help me with this?

    How much can I prepare ahead of time?

    What resources might I be able to use to make this easier on me?

    What procedures or systems can I set in place to help with this?

    Will this make me happier or more stressed out?

    If I spend time on this, what other task will I have to let go of?

    Will the benefits of this outweigh the difficulties?

    Is something else more important?

  4. Choose your top 6 goals, and write them down.

Tomorrow, you will come up with a plan to make sure you follow through with these goals!


Today, you are going to look back on the reflections you have made these past couple of days and use those reflections to prioritize changes for the upcoming school year.

  1. Start with a brain dump.  Write down ALL of the changes you would like to make in the upcoming school year.  Write everything down, no matter how big or how small.  Go back and look at all of your past reflections to remind yourself of some of the things you've been thinking about.
  2. Circle or highlight the things that seemed to weigh on you or stress you out last year.
  3. Rewrite all of these changes, putting them in order from those that will have the least impact to those that will have the biggest impact.
  4. Rewrite all of these changes again, putting them in order from those that will take the least amount of your time to implement to those that will take the most amount of your time to implement.
  5. Create a 3 columned chart.  Rewrite your list again, sorting them into the following groups: "Things You Can Prepare During the Summer," "Things You Can Partially Prepare During the Summer," and "Things That Can Only Be Done During the School Year."

Keep up with all of these pages for the rest of the challenge - we will be referring back to them later.  Tomorrow, you will begin to set goals for next year.

And don't forget to about the giveaways!  Today 2 teachers will get to choose any 5 books they want to add to their classroom library from My Recommended Book Lists.  You can find out how to win on my Facebook Page.

See you tomorrow!


You will be giving yourself a rating from 1 - 10 in 8 different categories of your teaching. 1 means that there is a lot of improvement needed, and 10 means that you are completely satisfied.

Rate yourself for each of the following categories, and then write down reasons for your rating.  There are questions for each category to help you reflect.

  1.  Classroom Set-up/Organization:

    How did you feel about your classroom layout?  Seating arrangements?  Your desk? Organization of supplies?  Classroom library?  Bulletin boards? What areas of your room stressed you out?

  2. Classroom Management:

    How did you feel about your classroom routines and procedures?  Procedures for common areas?  Student behavior?  Transitions?  How well did students know the expectations and procedures?

  3. Classroom Environment:

    How did you feel about your relationship with your students?  With their attitude towards you?  With their relationship with each other?  With their attitude towards their work?  With their classroom participation?

  4. Lesson Planning and Instruction

    How did you feel about your lesson plans?  The resources you used?  Student engagement?  Student understanding?  Whole group instruction?  Small group instruction?  Student differentiation?

  5. Professional Relationships

    How did you feel about your professional relationships?  Your relationship with administration?  Teammates?  Paraprofessionals?  Office staff?  Janitors?  Special education teachers?  Specials teachers?

  6. Professional Responsibilities

    How did you feel about your professional responsibilities?  Grading?  Maintaining records?  Paperwork?  IEPs?  Participation in school/district events?  Tardiness?  Taking attendance?  Other responsibilities?

  7. Family Engagement and Communication

    How did you feel about your relationships with parents and families of your students?  Were your interactions with them primarily negative or positive?  Was your method for communicating with families helpful and effective?

  8. Work/Life Balance

    How did you feel about your work/life balance?  What boundaries do you have in place to protect your time with family and friends?  How have your relationships been affected by work?

After you have rated yourself and explained why you rated yourself that way, use those ratings to answer these questions.  Remember, taking the time to write out your thoughts will be more useful to you as you prepare for next year!

  1.  Which categories of teaching had the highest overall rating?  Why do you think that is?  Have you put procedures, plans, or systems in place to help you be successful at these?  How you could you translate your success in these categories to other categories?
  2. Which categories had the lowest overall rating?  Why do you think that is?  Do you feel more stress and weight in these areas of teaching than in other areas?  Are any of these simply not a priority for you?  What procedures, plans, or systems could you put in place to help you be more successful in these areas?


 1.  Start with a brain dump.  Write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind when you think of last school year - both good and bad.  Let it all out.  Try to fill up an entire page with your thoughts.  When you are finished, go back and highlight or underline all the positive things in one color and the negative things in another color.

2.  Reflect on specific memories.  Write down answers to all of the following questions.

  • Describe your favorite day.
  • Describe your least favorite day.
  • What are you proud of?
  • What are you embarrassed by?
  • What made you happiest during the school year?
  • What frustrated you the most?
  • What made you laugh?
  • What made you cry?
  • What energized you and made you excited?
  • What drained you and weighed you down?
  • What did you spend too much time on?
  • What did you spend too little time on?

3.  Make a T-chart.  On one side, list all of the things that worked well in your classroom last year.  On the other side, make a list of all the things that didn't work so well or need to be improved.

Keep up with all of these pages for the rest of the challenge - we will be referring back to them later.  Tomorrow, you will be reflecting on specific aspects of your teaching.

And don't forget to about the giveaways!  Today I will be giving away two pencil sharpeners!  You can find out how to win on my Facebook Page.

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