Free Cut and Paste Resource for Teaching Theme


Teaching theme to upper elementary students can be incredibly difficult. It is such an abstract idea, so 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students need a lot of practice in order to truly understand it.

Use this free cut and paste resource to help introduce theme to your students.  It has 6 paragraphs, each with one of two themes.  Students must sort the 6 paragraphs based on the theme. This makes a great center activity!

Instructions for Downloading This Free Theme Resource

To download this free resource:

  1.  Go to the Teaching Made Practical Membership Area.  (I'll post a link below).  This area contains all of the resources I have created.  Teachers who join the membership pay a one time fee in order to access all of the resources I have now, as well as any resources I create in the future.   You can find out more about joining the membership here.
  2. Click the link for "Theme" underneath the reading section.
  3. Download the free theme resource near the top of the page - you'll know you have the right one because it has a red ***free*** next to the name of the resource.

You can find the Members Area here.

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