A Fun Online Tool - Blabberize

Using Blabberize in your Upper Elementary Classroom

A Fun Online Tool - Blabberize

If you're looking for a way to incorporate technology into your elementary classroom in a way that is fun, meaningful, and easy, then Blabberize might be for you!

Blabberize is a free online tool that makes it easy for students to record their voice and create talking images. There are endless ways to use this resource in your classroom.

Or, you might also be interested in ways to incorporate technology in your text features or point of view lessons.

Check out this free online tool here, or read on for tips and ideas for using it in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom.

Note: Since I first used Blabberize in my classroom, they have made some changes and now have a pricing structure.  My understanding is that there is still a free option available, but that is always subject to change.

How Blabberize Works

1. Students upload an image. This can be an image you have chosen for them, an image they found themselves, or even an image that they drew, took a picture of, an uploaded to a computer! This will probably be the most difficult part, depending on your students' experiences with saving and finding pictures on a computer.

2. Students crop the picture if necessary.

3. Students select a portion of the picture to be the "mouth" - the part of the image that moves so that it looks like the picture is talking!

4. Students record their voice.

5. Students play back their recording and watch their picture talk. Be prepared for laughter and giggles!

If you would like for students to be able to save their work, then they (or you) will have to create a log in.

Practical Classroom Uses for Blabberize

Although there endless ways to use this free resource in the upper elementary classroom, some easy and practical ideas are listed below.

  • Have students research a subject. They could research a famous person, an animal, a plant, or even an inanimate object. Using a picture of the research subject, have students use Blabberize to record what they learned!
  • Have students improve their reading fluency. Students could record themselves reading a book or a poem on Blabberize using whatever image they would like.  Find another fun fluency practice idea here.
  • Have students create a book report using Blabberize. They could draw a picture or find a picture of the main character and record themselves explaining the plot of the book.  Find more ideas for responding to fiction texts here.
  • Have students explain the steps and results of a science experiment. Students could upload a picture of a scientist or something else relevant to the experiment, and then use Blabberize to explain what happened during the experiment.
  • Have students practice new vocabulary using Blabberize. They could choose a related image and give the definitions of new vocabulary words or practice using the vocabulary words in a sentence.

How will you use Blabberize in your classroom?

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