13 Ways for Teachers to Relax This Summer

13 Teacher Tips for a Great Summer!

Once the end of the year frenzy is over and you are finally able to enjoy your well-deserved summer break, make sure you take same time to relax and destress. Below are some of my favorite ways for teachers to relax over the summer break.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are Amazon affiliate links, and I may be compensated (at no cost to you!) if you choose to purchase through them. If summer has not arrived for you yet, you might find these end of year ideas for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students useful.

Ways Teachers Can Relax This Summer

1. Avoid all of those “teacher skeptics.” You know – those well meaning acquaintances that, after finding out you are on your summer “break,” will sigh and say, “It must be so nice to only work 8 months a year.” Or, “I wish I got paid to have summers off.” Hearing comments like that is bound to make your blood boil. Avoid them at all costs.

2. Sleep in or take a nap – and don’t fell guilty about it! You need to catch up on all that sleep you missed during the school year. And you need to start the next school year well rested.

3. Take time to laugh. Laughter had been proven to help relax the whole body and release endorphins. If you need some inspiration to get your giggles started, check out my Teacher Humor Pinterest Board.

4. Color in an adult coloring book. Admit it. When you watch your students color and doodle, you’re a little jealous. Grab some colored pencils (that you don’t have to share with anybody) and an adult coloring book and relax.

5. Take a long lunch. Anything more than 15 minutes always feels like such a splurge!

6. Read an adult book. Make sure it doesn’t have ANY of the following characters in it:
-Jack and Annie
-Greg Heffley
-Judy Moody
-Captain Underpants
-Ramona Quimby
-anyone from the Baudelaire family
-Junie B. Jones
-Percy Jackson

My favorite “adult book” is Jane Austen’s Persuasion (or anything by Jane Austen.) You can get all of Jane Austen’s books FREE on Amazon Kindle. Find Persuasion here.

7. Go to an aquarium. A recent study done by the National Marine Aquarium, the University of Exeter and Plymouth University, suggests that watching fish helped improve moods and lower heart rates. If you don’t have an aquarium nearby, watch one virtually on YouTube here. This might also be a good video to play after recess to help calm down students.

8. Try out the “calm down bottles” your students use when they are stressed out or angry. See if it actually helps relax you. If you don’t have any for your classroom yet, now is as good of a time as any to prepare for next year. Learn how to make your own glitter calm down bottle here. Or, if you aren’t a “Pinterest-y” type person, you can also buy some for your classroom (or for personal use!)

9. Go on a Netflix binge. Watch all of your favorite shows that you didn’t have time for during the school year because of lesson planning, conferences, and grading papers.

10. Go to the bathroom anytime you want! You have all summer to trick your bladder into thinking that you will always have easy access to a bathroom. You can retrain your bladder when the school year starts back.

11. Stay in your pajamas all day. You know you secretly love pajama day at school. Now you can experience that at home, without all of your snotty nosed students touching you all day!

12. Get a massage. This is probably the most obvious stress relief idea, but it’s also the one that is the hardest for teachers to justify since it can be pricey. Just think of all the used books you could buy with the $60.00 it costs for a massage! But don’t talk yourself out of it – you deserve it after surviving another school year.

13. If you can’t take a real vacation to someplace exotic, take a “Staycation.” What are some fun things that you can do where you live? Think like a tourist – where to visitors to your city go?

I grew up in the Dallas area, and I feel like I missed out because I never took a “Staycation.” I’ve never been to the Dallas Arboretum, the Dallas Museum of Art, Billy Bob’s, the Fort Worth Stockyards, or the JFK Tribute. There were so many fun, “vacation-y” things to do near me that I never took advantage of. What are you missing out on?

What is your favorite way to relax over the summer?

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  1. I want to sleep in but I’ll be working on my Masters in June so my entertainment will be Netflix. I’m so excited our last day of school is next week 🙂

  2. I want to do so many things on that list…read an “adult” book. Sleep in ( with an almost 1 year old who still isn’t sleeping through the night I am exhausted). Wear my pajamas all day, laugh and play with my 4 year old..and just get to enjoy being mom again…

  3. I love to Color I find it very relaxing and soothing. I can also spend time with my special needs daughter who loves to color as well. It would allow good quality time to make up for what I lose during the school year.

    1. Post

      Congratulations! You are one of the winners of the adult coloring book! I’ll be getting in contact with you to find out where to send it. Have a great summer!

  4. I will be enjoying some much needed sleep and will also be cooking and cleaning, as well as learning some new skills…and maybe coloring as well(;

  5. I’m extremely excited about being able to use the bathroom ANYTIME I want! I also plan on doing some adult reading and visiting the aquarium, both are so relaxing!

  6. I’m going to sleep in because I’m up half the night reading an adult book or watching Netflix! I am also going to avoid any holiday spoilers (as if we don’t deserve a summer off!) and definitely going to take long leisurely lunches with a bathroom break thrown in right in the middle, if I want!

    1. Post

      Congratulations! You are one of the winners of the adult coloring book with colored pencils! I will be emailing you for contact information!

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