Seasonal Resources – November

Resources that can be used throughout the month of November. Most of the resources on this page are Thanksgiving related.

General Resources for November

November Team Builder Questions
November themed questions to use during class meetings or as a team builder. Can use with the whole group, small groups, or partners.

Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Reading Comprehension
A reading comprehension passage that compares Canadian Thanksgiving with American Thanksgiving. Task cards with questions about the reading comprehension are also included.

Thanksgiving: Reading Task Cards
Each task card has a short Thanksgiving themed paragraph on it. Students answer reading comprehension questions for each task card.

Thanksgiving A - Z
Students try to come up with words related to Thanksgiving for each letter of the alphabet.

Thanksgiving Find Somebody Who
A Thanksgiving themed Find Somebody Who where students talk to their classmates about which statements are true for them.

Thanksgiving Writing Activity
Students write a short story using the Thanksgiving related words provided.

Thanksgiving Find the Fib
Students come up with 2 statements and 1 fib about how they will spend their Thanksgiving. Partners try to guess the fib.

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem
Students create an acrostic poem using the letters from the word “Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast with a Friend
Students compare and contrast how they will spend their Thanksgiving with a friend.

Thanksgiving Word Search
A Thanksgiving themed word search for students to complete.

Thanksgiving Making Words
Students try to come up with as many words as they can using the letters from “Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving Fraction Task Cards
Thanksgiving themed task cards that students complete using their knowledge of fractions.