Seasonal Resources – February

Seasonal resources that can be used throughout February. Most of the resources are geared towards either Black History Month or Valentine’s Day.

Black History Month Activities

Black History Month Research Project
Students research a famous African American and use that information to write an essay, fill in a map, and create a timeline. Templates to complete all of these activities are including, as well as an example using Martin Luther King, Jr. is provided so students know what is expected.

Black History Month Project Digital
A digital version of the Black History Month Project for use with Google Slides.

Black History Month Trading Cards and Activities
This resource includes trading cards containing information about 15 famous African Americans. Students use the information from the trading cards to complete several activities. Many of the activities are geared towards reading comprehension.

Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine's Day Fraction Cards FREE!
Valentine’s Day themed task cards that students complete using their knowledge of fractions.

Valentine's Day A-Z
Students try to come up with words related to Valentine’s Day for each letter of the alphabet.

Valentine's Day Acrostic Poem

Students create an acrostic poem about Valentine’s Day using the letters from “Valentine.”

Valentine's Day Compare and Contrast A Friend
Partners compare how they will be spending their Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Word Search
A Valentine’s Day themed word search.

Valentine's Day Find Somebody Who
A Valentine’s Day themed Find Somebody Who where students talk to their classmates about which statements are true for them.

Valentine's Day Find the Fib
Students come up with 2 statements and 1 fib about how they will spend their Valentine’s Day. Partners try to guess the fib.

Valentine's Day Making Words
Students try to come up with as many words as they can using the letters from “Christmas.”

Valentine's Day Writing Activity
Students write a short story using the Valentine’s Day related words provided.

Other February Resources

February Class Meeting Questions
February themed questions to use during class meetings or as a team builder. Can use with the whole group, small groups, or partners.

Comparing American and Chinese New Year - Reading Comprehension and Snowball Fight
Students read two reading passages – one on American New Year celebrations and one on Chinese New Year celebrations.  Students answer reading comprehension questions based on the passages, fill in a chart, and have a snowball fight that compares the two holidays.

Kindness / Compliment Book – Students collect compliments from their classmates and create a book.