Seasonal Resources – April

Seasonal resources that can be used throughout April. Includes resources for Poetry Month and spring.

April Team Builder Questions
April themed questions to use during class meetings or as a team builder. Can use with the whole group, small groups, or partners.

Easter Fraction Task Cards
Easter themed task cards that students complete using their knowledge of fractions.

Poetry Month Resources

Alliteration in Poetry
Students read poems with alliteration and answer questions about the poems and the alliteration.

Hyperbole in Poetry
Students read poems with hyperboles and answer questions about the poems and the hyperboles.

Metaphors in Poetry
Students read poems with metaphors and answer questions about the poems and the metaphors.

Onomatopoeia in Poetry
Students read poems with onomatopoeia and answer questions about the poems and the onomatopoeia.

Personification in Poetry
Students read poems with personification and answer questions about the poems and the personification.

Similes in Poetry
Students read poems with similes and answer questions about the poems and the similes.

Spring Resources

Butterflies: Context Clues
Students learn the meaning of different words related to butterflies using these context clues task cards.

Butterflies: Main Idea Web
Students complete a main idea web about butterflies.

Butterflies: Main Idea Using Titles
Students read different paragraphs about butterflies and think about what would make the best title for each paragraph.

Butterflies: Main Idea Graphic Organizer Cut and Paste
Students practice main idea while learning about butterflies.

Butterfly Life Cycle: Text Features Application
Students practice applying text feature skills while learning about the monarch butterfly life cycle.

Butterflies and Moths: Venn Diagram Comparing Pictures
Students look at a picture of a butterfly and a moth, and then compare and contrast their physical appearance. In color or black and white.

Butterflies and Moths: Compare and Contrast Reading Comprehension
Students read a passage that compares and contrasts moths and butterflies. They then fill in a Venn Diagram using the information they learned.

Butterflies: Compare and Contrast Scaffolded Writing
Students are given information to help them compare and contrast Monarch Butterflies with Painted Lady Butterflies. Scaffolding helps them use the information to write a short compare and contrast essay.

Butterflies: A - Z
Students try to come up with a butterfly related word for each letter of the alphabet.

Butterflies: Acrostic Poem
Students create an acrostic poem about butterflies.

Butterflies and Caterpillars: Compare and Contrast
A Venn Diagram graphic organizer for students to use when comparing and contrasting butterflies and caterpillars.

Butterflies: Find Somebody Who
Students talk to different classmates to “Find Somebody Who” can explain different butterfly related topics.

Butterflies: Find the Fib
Students write down 2 true statements about butterflies and 1 fib. They share with a partner to see if the partner can find the fib.

Butterflies: Making Words
Students see how many words that can create using the letters from “Butterfly.”

Butterflies: Word Search
A word search for students to complete that uses butterfly related words.

Butterflies: Quick Write
Students write a short story about butterflies, making sure to include the butterfly related words provided.