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Low Prep Supplementary Resources for Upper Elementary Teachers

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

The curriculum your school district provides isn't meeting the needs of your at-risk or struggling students.

You're overwhelmed by all of the unrealistic expectations placed on you.

You teach and reteach, but some of your students just aren't getting it.

You're spending your nights and weekends trying to find or create supplementary resources that will meet the needs of your students.

You struggle to sleep because your mind won't stop thinking about all the things you need to get done the next day.


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Supplementary teaching resources for upper elementary teachers that want engaged, successful students...and weekends off!

Access all of the Teaching Made Practical Resources through Google Drive folders.

What Makes the Lifetime Access Bundle Different?

gives you instant access to a Google Drive folder with all of the Teaching Made Practical can use them in class tomorrow!

gives you access to any future Teaching Made Practical resources...without any additional cost!

includes every resource that Teaching Made Practical sells on TeachersPayTeachers.

helps you plan engaging and differentiated lessons so that all of your students can be successful.

Low Prep

...or No Prep!  These resources are designed with a real teacher in mind.  Most of the resources are print and go, while some of the resources (like the task cards) involve cutting.


Low prep doesn't have to mean boring!  The activities included are often hands on and high interest while promoting critical thinking skills.


Many of the resources provide additional scaffolding to help your students better understand difficult skills, build confidence, and become successful students.

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Here's What You'll Get

You will get access to ALL of the Teaching Made Practical Resources through a Google Drive folder.  Any future Teaching Made Practical resources will be added to this folder, and no additional cost to you.

Reading Resources


Activities and lessons to help you teach essential reading skills like main idea, point of view, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, theme, asking and answering questions, traditional literature, cause and effect, text features, and more!

Reading Passages

High interest fiction and nonfiction reading passages that can help you practice a variety of different reading skills with your students.  Many of the nonfiction passages will help you integrate science and social studies into your ELA block.

Math Resources


Lessons and activities to help you teach some important math skills like fractions, rounding, probability, 2d shapes, and more!

Seasonal Resources

Lessons and activities to help you keep students learning but engaged around different holidays and seasonal events throughout the school year like back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, end of year, and more.

When you add it all up, it comes out to a value of over $450, but you can get instant access today for only $139.

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This is for you if...

you are an upper elementary teacher that is constantly on the look out for supplementary resources

you have at-risk or struggling students

you want to spend less time planning

the curriculum provided by your school is not meeting the needs of your students

you want to spend more time with family and friends

you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and tired

you want your students to be engaged and successful

you prefer resources that prioritize practical and low prep over cute

This is NOT for you if...

you don't teach students that are on an upper elementary level

you don't often need supplementary resources because your district provides a great curriculum

you teach mainly high achieving or gifted students

you have extra time to find or create your own supplementary resources

you prefer resources that prioritize cute clip art and pictures

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