End of Year Resources

The first section contains quick, no prep activities for the end of the school year.
The next section contains more “project” like activities that will take longer to complete and will require more teacher direction.

End of Year: Quick Activities

End of Year Find Somebody Who
Students talk to different classmates, looking for somebody who has done one of the items in the boxes. Classmates place their initials in the box that is true for them. Students must have a different student initial each box.

End of Year Find the Fib
Students write down two true statements and one fib about how they will spend their summer. Then, they see if a partner can guess the fib!

End of Year Making Words
Students see how many words they can come up with using the letters from “Summer Vacation.”

End of Year Compare and Contrast
Students think about how they have grown during the school year. They compare themselves at the beginning of the school year with themselves at the end of the school year.

End of Year Summer Acrostic Poem
Students complete an acrostic poem using the letters from “Summer.”

End of Year Writing Prompt
Students write a short story using given words related to summer.

End of Year A-Z Reflection
Students try to come up with a word about something they learned during the school year that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

End of Year Top 10 List
Students list their Top 10 memories from the school year.

End of Year Word Search
Students complete a word search using an end of the year words.

End of Year Autograph Book
End of year autograph book that includes sentence starters to encourage students to write thoughtful and kind words to their classmates.

End of Year: Longer Activities and Projects

End of Year Letter to Future Students
Students write a letter giving advice to next year’s class. Includes a brainstorming page, a rough draft page, a revising and editing page, a final copy page, and a grading rubric.

End of Year Reflection Questions
24 reflection questions to ask students at the end of the year. Have them answer in partners, small groups, or whole group.

End of Year Field Trip to Next Year's Class
Students take a trip to their next year’s classroom (for example, 3rd graders visit 4th grade). Students pair up with a student from the classroom, interview the students, and take a tour of the classroom with the student.

Summer Bucket List Book
Keep students learning all summer long – have them complete this summer bucket list book.

End of Year Fraction Task Cards
End of Year themed task cards that have students practice their fraction skills in a fun way.